Book editing

I am on  maybe a 4th edit of my book and I am editing it for the 3rd time. It is so interesting how it is helping even me as I go back at certain times. It is showing me divine syncronicity. For example, I have not edited my book in several months and I also have a very active storyline so I do not always remember which part I am about to edit. It is like a discovery of what is next for me as well. Anyways, so back to this diving syncronicity. Today I decided to do a cleanse and in particular focus on consuming a lot of healthy foods in particular ginger. After a few hours of making ginger tea and juicing ginger, I sit down to edit my book after a long time of not; and what is in the chapter that I am going over? Below is a short part from my book:

“Aww thank you Ginger! It is always so much fun to spend time with you! You are so nice and positive!” replied the little butterfly.”

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