Ending the Biggest Crime Against Humanity

There have been an unprecedented number of arrests since he was sworn in. Whether or not you like Trump, this is the truth and saving children from rapists is surely something WE ALL should support him on. We’re up to more than 5k pedo arrests since Trump’s been sworn in, those are record numbers. He’s behind this because he has ordered the DOJ to crack down on this on a national and local level. Trump has SAID this MANY times in interviews, during press conferences and he’s tweeted about this. He also ordered his Homeland Security team to release a PSA on sex trafficking immediately after he was sworn in. I track sex trafficking for a living as a journalist and as a survivor of a horrendous sex crime. Trump’s DOJ is going after sex trafficking more than ANY administration in U.S. history.  I talk to people in the White House and I’ve verified all this info as this is what I do for a living. ” -Liz Crokin







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