Pray to God now

I’m sorry but these type of ads are extremely inappropriate. This and also those parades that go through the community neighborhoods where half naked men shake their things.This is a main political agenda to sexualize children and public in general. Every single disease was created in a lab. It is illusion. Your true natural state is total health. Just pray to God for TRUE LOVE and purity, be loyal with fidelity to your soul mate and do not support evil.


Also, they trying to turn humans into robots. God did not invent technology btw. You already have everything you need for perfect health. They admit doing head transplants on animals right now people. What they don’t admit is that they are also doing the same things to trafficked children, similar to the holocaust but probably worse.Think about that. Say no to mind control. Say no to mkultra. say no to frankenstein! Pray for the children, and pray for your soul. This is not a joke, things are really bad right now. Everyone needs to come together now and pray.

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