Father Child Relationship

I often think about communication and relationships. I studied psychology and social work and overall as a woman I’m interested in these topics. It appears that when a child is born, the biological mother is the most important person in their life. This is probably because the child grew up inside her belly and then relies on her for love and her breast feeding. The child also relies on the fathers love. It’s important they spend a lot of time together as well. But so far it seems that this breast feeding and growing up in the belly bond is really strong. So my point is that if a child thinks the mother is the nurturer that helps with survical, then the father needs to provide impeccable love and care to the mother! Then the child will see how the mother relies on the father, and then the child relies on both of them equally. Probably not really ‘relying’ but collaborating as a love team. Valuing everyone’s part equally with lots of love, considerate actions, and many more heart centered activities! Boy, that took a lot of digging through illusion to get to the point, haha.

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