True Love Purity

I am really passionate about living a pure life and I believe it is possible without all these bad drugs and medical procedures! A big part of it is about balance. And there are lots of things to balance. Please True Love God, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Michael, help humanity to balance in True Love Celestial Beauty. True Love Balance Masculine Balance. True Love Balance Feminine Balance. Body Love Balance Activate Now! Peaceful Life Balance Activate Now! Sky and Sea Balance Activate Now! Pure Love Package Activate Now. Pure Energy Clearing Activate Now! Haha I Love This, Activate Now! True Love, Activate Now!

Amethyst in the Sea and Lavender in the Sky! Activate Now.

Lilac Blossoms, Activate Now!

I hope you enjoyed those energy activations and prayer.

It is also very important to say prayers for the children on Earth right now! Please say this prayer my friend Sarah wrote. Please say this prayer as much as possible! Thank you!

“God and God Angels, please stop and destroy all forces of evil, all black magic, alchemy and sorcery, the soulless creation, pain, trauma, mind control, all darkness, sickness, illusion, deception, insanity, pedophilia, fear, trickery and abuses of power and bring love, truth and purity to all. Help all restore faith and hope in God, truth and love. Please bring out the truth fully and expose all pedophiles and evil-doers with God wrath and bring God justice and victory to all who have been hurt. Give full God strength, vitality, support and protection to all truth and love messengers and all children of God. Purify all actions, souls, eyes and hearts to your true love. Amen.”



Photo By Liliya ❤ ❤ ❤

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