Think Positive Release Illusion

It is really important to think positive. Thinking positive literally changes the world for the better. When you think positive your vibration increases. If enough people raise their vibration daily it will change the weather and the way the world is. Government, financial system, and some other organizations like Monsanto and Coca Cola are not doing a good job. Things that suck so much can be labeled as dark/evil. So it is important to not let those things affect our state of being. It is possible to be in joy at all times. It is important to re-focus your attention that gives you joy. You need to believe in yourself and in good magic and in God and the angels. Now is a really important time to focus on the positives. All of the illusions are leaving the planet. The more we create joyful energy in our heart and environment the faster this purification will take place. It’s really just hanging on by a string no matter how real or powerful it might seem. Stay informed, but do not become so obsessed with a topic that it turns you into a grouch. Do something  light about it. I believe social movements make a difference in bringing people together. Just make sure you are in charge of them and are not under the control of some agenda that tries to get masses out on the streets for whatever reason. Never use violence or aggression. If someone tries to do it around you, just walk away. For the most part, you should be doing things in the positives most of the time. Thinking positive, having positive behaviors like manners and respect, kindness is positive, being gentle with yourself is a huge positive. There are soo much that you can be doing that brings you to happiness. Cleaning your room is a good thing to do. Just make sure to turn off the tv! You should watch tv consciously. In some ways TV is being used as a weapon that is energetically manipulating people to feel bad. Be smart what and how you expose yourself to information and with who. I’ve heard of a story where a women completely cured the severe anxiety she was experiencing simply by turning off the TV while she sleeps. There are a lot of energy everywhere, you have the amazing free will to choose what you want to think about and do. Don’t let tv or radio just play in the background. Watch and listen with intension. Going out in nature is a great idea, it is very cleansing.




the fox

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