Dance~ I’m loving Barre Class

If you want to learn to dance or enhance your dancing abilities but you are not very coordinated or do not like memorizing choreography, you should take Barre classes. I was never good at memorizing choreography, because I guess I just prefer dancing to the beat of my own drum. I tried out to cheerleading in high school and  some dance group in college and didn’t make those squads. But I know how to dance with the flow nonetheless. However, learning and developing skills is always a good idea. Barre class helps me strengthen, activate,  and define the muscles that processional dancers use, while learning a few dance moves through repetition vs. Fast pace choreography routines. I tried taking a Classical Ballet class not long ago, and although I felt somewhat graceful during it, I won’t be going back any time soon. I’m just not into memorizing dance routines at the moment. Barre however has been a great fit for me. If you have an opportunity to take it with different teachers, you should, because each one has something special to offer.

I’ve been taking Barre class about twice a week for about a month, and I am really noticing some positive results in strength and dancing abilities! Barre is a mix between Ballet, Yoga, and Pilates with weights that focus on isometric strength training combined with high repetitions. It feels amazing and helps you move your body in awesome ways.

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