Saving Money?

There are some people that believe in saving money for a “rainy day.” Basically this “rainy day” metaphor means that one should save money in case something bad happens in life.  Insurance companies often say that as they prey on people’s fears. This saving for a “rainy day” thing is one of the worst advice ever, and I got better advice.

First of all, you should always believe and expect that only good things happen and will happen to you and your loved ones. If challenges occur, deal with them in the present moment but never plan for them to happen and put aside money because you think something bad can happen. That is a classic case of a self fulfilling prophecy.

You should of course be responsible with money and it is a good idea to put some money aside if your current income allows. But never sacrifice your passions and true desires of the present moment! The financial system has actually already crashed and there is a thin veil of illusion that sort of makes it appear as if it is functioning. But definitely expect to see those student loans and other “debt” vanish and those bank accounts vanish too. That is why it is probably not a good idea to sacrifice your present day life joys so that you can look at that high number in your bank account. Enjoying life is real, that number in your bank account is not real. So while you still can, take advantage of that fake number and put that money to good use.

Definitely don’t go out and spend all your money on some crazy expensive car or other useless material things. You don’t want clutter, you don’t want to support unethical companies, and you don’t want to be wasteful. But do take that vacation asap, do join that fancy fitness club (where you can meet someone who can help you raise your wealth), do buy organic foods instead of the cheap conventional ones, do buy fresh flowers once in a while, do take that music lesson, do tip good people for good work, do pamper your girlfriend or boyfriend, etc. We are working and earning money to live in the now moment. It is okay to have a cushion in case of some random challenge (which probably won’t happen if you believe in magic and goodness) But never sacrifice your happiness in the present moment and never live in fear. Be practical, be generous, be wise. Support companies that are ethical and good to the environment and the people. Everything is going to be okay. It is going to be more than okay! It will be magical and wonderful. Stay positive and expect good things! yay!


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