Contemplation in December

Releasing old stuff.

Releasing your old stuff takes conscious work and action. Get rid of or donate anything that has negative feelings or negative memories attached.

The Higher Self.

Take back your power. When we felt the negative feelings like stress, worry, shame, guilt etc we lost our energy. Taking a deep and cleansing breath in and out, and continuing with a calm breathing, ask your higher self to help retrieve all your energy. Say something like: “Higher self please come more into my body and guide everything that I do.” Or something like: “Beloved I Am of my being, come forth you are my true self. Come in me and through me and as me until there is non of me and all your higher power victory.” Or make up your own phrase that is memorable and feels good. Sometimes you can also ask your higher self to do more energy work or alchemy when you sleep. When you have all your energy you will be impeccable. Earth is restored to harmony, balance, unity, and love. Everything is fair with justice and kindness and total pure love. Another cool thing about being balanced energetically is that you get to benefit in the physical. With all your energy back you will be energetic with stamina, supernatural abilities, strength, flexibility, endurance, youthful appearance, etc. With all your energy back plus love and kindness, you won’t need coffee to artificially give you energy, there will be no reason to “rely” on external things. Do your research, the body is capable of some miraculous things! Live life from the heart.


Children are awesome and are very sensitive and perceptive. Be loving and kind to children and set healthy boundaries and they will teach you about bravery!



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