Tuesday in December

Things I thought about on a Tuesday in December.

Coffee can be yukky. 

Coffee is yukky to me like half the time. The last few times I had it (from different locations, different types), I felt sick and my body ached. I can’t believe some people drink that stuff every day. I think society needs to take it easy on the coffee. Maybe take a month break, at least take a week off, or even a few days. Try something new to make you feel that excitement for the day! Superfood smoothie? Just an idea. Hot water with lemon? Keeping it simple. I also like apple cider vinegar sometimes.


Releasing ex stuff.

Releasing your ex takes conscious work or action. Like even if you just don’t care about them, there are some things that need to be rid of. Like art and photos. Even if you look good in that pic, either delete it or grab some scissors and cut yourself out and make a selfie album of the cute you.


Reiki for stress. 

Stress is not good. Sometimes we feel like we just can’t help it, like stress is just there. Well it is not and yes we can help ourselves. Reiki is great for that. It works wonders if it comes from a pure source. We feel good with dance and hiking, reiki can also help. Meditation is awesome too. You can get one of those body balance balls and use as a meditation chair! I love sports stuff and fitness!


The Higher Self.

Take back your power. When we felt the negative feelings like stressed, worried, ashamed, etc we lost our energy. Taking a deep and cleansing breath in and out, and continuing with a calm breathing, asking God, and angels, like Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, AND Archangel Gabriel, to help retrieve all your energy and returned back to you. Also call on your own personal higher self and say something like, “Higher self please come more into my body and guide everything that I do. Or something for fancy maybe like, Beloved I Am of my being presence, come forth you are my true self. Come in me and through me and as me until there is non of me and all your God power victory.” Or make up your own phrase that is memorable and feels good. You have to do your best to think, say, sing, and/0r write daily. Sometimes you can also ask your higher self to do more energy work or alchemy on you and everything for the highest good. Plus ask for all the energy returned to the planet of love, Venus. When you have all your energy you will be impeccable. Earth is restored to harmony, balance, unity=,and love. Everything is fair with justice and kindness and total pure love. Another cool thing about being balanced energetically is that you get to benefit in the physical. With all your energy back you will be energetic with speed, stamina, abilities, agility, strength, flexibility, endurance.. With all your energy back plus love and kindness, you won’t need yucky coffee to give you energy, there will be no reason to “rely” on external things because you will have all the happiness and energy you will ever need to have the best day ever. Being in a state of constant joy all the time is possible. And another awesome perk is youth, health, and beauty for a very long time!!! Do your research, the body is capable of some miraculous things! Live life from the heart.


Children are awesome and are very sensitive and perceptive. Be loving and kind to children and set healthy boundaries and they will teach you about bravery!

“Just keeping it real..That’s whats up”




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