Archangel Zerachiel

Looks like a wonderful angel to know. Imagine lavender waters and mint tea in a gold cup encrusted with Stars, Amethyst and Diamonds.

This is an excerpt from my book The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels:

“Zerachiel is one of the seven archangels named in the Book of Enoch. He is an angel of healing who watches over human beings, especially those children whose parents have problems with addictions. Zerachiel understands children raised in such homes need extra love and support. He embraces them with his wings and whispers words of encouragement to them while they sleep. He will also help you work with your dreams.

He has dominion over the earth and tenderly takes care of the environment and animals of all kinds. If your beloved pet gets lost, Zerachiel will help you find him.

Zerachiel helps with memory. He is a great angel to call on before you take an exam, need to remember a person’s name or find an object, such as your keys.

When he is around you will probably see flashes of burgundy or deep purple bordered in gold. When you call on him you will feel a gentle warmth spreading across your chest. Your hands and feet might tingle.”

Before connecting with any energy, it is recommended to first be connected with your own higher self awareness so that you can distinguish between Truth and falsehood in the subtle realms.


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