Pink Calcite

Pink Calcite is really beautiful, and it is sometimes called Mangano Calcite. It is a gem of love, compassion, empathy, and joy. “It enhances and stabilizes the heart’s field. It helps you to perceive energies in the surrounding environment. The heart knows without word.” This crystal awakens the heart intelligence more so that we can make, “empathetic identification…and helps attune the energy fields of others, even if they are not present. It helps to dispel arguments and aids in seeing the other’s point of view as if it were one’s own. It encourages loving kindness, compassion, and joy. It facilitates a state of non judgemental compassion and unconditional love. It can also create a rapturous appreciation of beauty of existence.

Pink Calcite harmonizes with other heart stones like rose quartz, pink tourmaline, lilac lepidolite, and amethyst.


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