God is true Love, the rest is illusion

You know how some people ask, “if God is all loving, how could God allow for such suffering on Earth?” Well I finally figured out the answer to that question!


In reality God is actually all loving and would never allow any real harm to come to those who are true. All this suffering is an illusion, an experiment to see what could be, because through experimentation we grow and evolve. Although God would never allow for real harm, God has allowed an illusion to play; to learn from it and to know what not to do. Suffering is like a really bad movie, so once you got enough, you can just turn it off and stop thinking about it and then it will go away. The thing with illusions is that the more you believe in them, the more real they feel. To end suffering action steps need to be taken. For example some ways to end it is- not buying GMOs, not tuning into dark forms of media, releasing scarcity consciousness, stop using substances like alcohol or cigs to numb the illusions of stress, depression, or anxiety, paying attention to your internal dialogue and what thoughts you are rehearsing, etc. Since we are all somehow connected, it is important for a lot of people to start walking away from illusion for change to happen on a planetary level. However, you also don’t really need others to evolve, you can create major change in your life and be in a state of personal utopia most of the time. I say most of the time, because for utopia to be 100% of the time, we still need everyone to get on board. But hey the 80/20 rule still works, just sayin’ #ascention #16D #stopillusion.

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