Clear illusion and gain awareness


All this suffering is an interpretation of an illusion. To end suffering one must awake and refine every second through constant coming back to self awareness. Some tips to help with this is to first purify the body physically. Stop eating artificial foods and buying GMOs. Stop tuning into dark forms of media and  entertainment. Release scarcity consciousness and have trust in life rather than constantly trying to control it. Stop using substances like alcohol or cigs to numb the stress; meditate instead and learn to dissolve negativity naturally without trying to constantly escape it by sweeping it under the rug. Pay attention to your internal dialogue and what thoughts you are rehearsing, etc. Since we are all somehow connected, it is important for a many people to start walking away from illusion for change to happen on a planetary level. However, you don’t really need others to evolve, you can create major change in your life and be in equanimity within the illusion that’s manifested by the collective. Refine yourself and everything else will evolve in its own time.


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