Vote for Yourself

Here are some ways you can vote for yourself.

  1. Eat Healthy, lots of vegetables.
  2. Move your body, take a yoga class, dance, go hiking, go swimming in the ocean.
  3. Be mindful about what you  put on your skin. According to some past research, skin is your largest organ and it absorbs like 60% of what you put on it into the body. Read labels, read ingredients. Keep it pure. Listen to your intuition.
  4.  Meditation, deep breathing, singing, playing a musical instrument.
  5. De-clutter your home or office from junk
  6.  Drink lots of pure water. Hydration is key.
  7. Use positive affirmations such as “I AM a natural and live person. I AM sovereign.”
  8. Visualize a peaceful beautiful soft violet flame in your aura and the entire planet Earth.



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