Illusion turns to Truth

It’s so trippy being part of the illusion and hovering above it and making choices to not participate in it at the same time. Go away ‪#‎illusion‬. We were infinite pure and true manifestors. Go away fear you’re not welcome here. Cancel clear delete scarcity consciousness. Survival in constant abundance here and now please.

The governments, especially the US government is the same thing as the shows you watch on Netflix. People need to turn off the tv and go ride a bike on the beach. Stop wasting your consciousness and emotions paying attention to such lame entertainment with creepy puppets. Ignore it so it goes away faster. You can go and fill out your little piece of paper and get a lil sticker, but you are just not doing it right. They just put on a show for you to feed off your emotions a lil and chuckle at how you still think you have a choice in this matter. Go vote for yourself. A vote for yourself is a vote for God. With God you actually have infinite choices. The time you waste driving to the voting facility, you could have done a nice breathing meditation practice where you can get upgrades to your consciousness and physical body, become more youthful, etc, the gifts are infinite when you use your time on earth wisely.

Here is a video about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

Love yourself, take care of your body, eat healthy, think positive, breath.


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