My Review for Apartment in Lahaina

Aloha, I had a wonderful experience staying at this charming cozy apartment in February 2016. The views are amazing and it is walking distance to the beach. I like to walk so the 15 to 20 minute walks were are a good thing. The walk is also really nice, there are parks and trails along the shoreline. I enjoyed using the balcony and looking at the millions of stars in the sky that are visible, especially during a new moon. In the morning it was wonderful to watch all the doves and other birds from the windows of the apartment. I also loved that this apartment was walking distance to a grocery store. I prefer to make my own food because I can make it healthier, cleaner, and pay less for better quality. I was really grateful for this location. I really enjoyed that this nice little apartment is located inside one of the local villages. It felt safe there and it was great to experience how the native people live. I got a kick out of waking up to the roosters singing haha! I liked Mara’s communication, it was easy to talk to her and she was helpful! I had a wonderful experience and I will be posting videos with rainbows that I saw from the apartment and writing more about this location in Lahaina, you can find more at   Mahalo!

I made a youtube video



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