Enlightenment School for Children Coming Soon!

It will be a children’s enlightenment school  or maybe an educational camp. I want to recruit teachers that are connected to the spiritual as well as grounded in TRUE science.


There are educated people ready to contribute more meaningful jobs. Humanity was created to work in meaningful jobs.The rest of the jobs can be taken care of by robots/technology. Yes, there is technology waiting to be released that is beyond our imagination. It is created, it is sitting on the shelf. It is waiting for the current systems of control to dissolve so that is may be released for humanity to prosper.

I realized that the demand for this enlightenment school or camp that I plan to create is greater than I realized. There is a need for more local systems with integrity, justice, and more healing. The old systems are dismantling as more and more people are waking up.

And so I think it is time for me to start planning a curriculum. Gardening, dolphins, evolution, crystal water, purification, reiki, feng shui, engineering,  architecture, etc.


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