Venus and Twin Flames

Venus is important when it comes to Twin Flames.Venus is the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, finances.Twin flames will likely reunite. Being at the same place at the same time can happen easily. Twin flames have great support now. This star alignment will deepen the divine higher love. Karmic soulmate connections will and should be cleared both in past or present.

What is Twin Flame? Source: Wikipedia

“A Twin flame is a spiritual (esoteric or New Golden Age) concept describing a special soul connection between two souls. The twin flames are thought to be a template for an ancient/eternal type of relationship between lovers of any and all races or genders. The fundamental thought behind this concept is that the dawning new era in human spiritual evolution will be a time when relationships foster enhanced spiritual growth between lovers, whereas in previous times and still early in the 21st century couples stayed together for purposes of physical survival and economical safety more than anything else. According to the mythology of twin flames, in the beginning of time we were created from one source, that was split into smaller and smaller units down to two souls (and on rare occasions, halves of one soul) that would journey to Earth to learn and experience duality. They would reincarnate over lifetimes with this longing for each other. Many confuse the twin flame with soul mates (any significant relation). Soul mates are not only romantic lovers but also parents, siblings, best friends, etc. With true Twin Flames the connection is so intense, and twin flames go through a lot of cleansing and purging of the energy system. The twin flame concept is still very much tied to monogamous ideals, and the thought that only graduate souls have twin flames on Earth, as their purpose is to do spiritual work and energy work to help the Planet.”

Things to do to help with self love and twin flame reunion:

Cut cords from old karmic relationships, but with love only! Clear karma in your love life. Cord cut any trauma. Clear old belief systems about love.

Say this affirmation: I am with the help of Beloved St. Germaine and Archangel Michael  are now cutting cords with all karmic relationships so all Twin Flames incarnated on this planet reunite now!

Release allDo inner child meditation; Give yourself a salt bath ❤ Use Rose water.

Wear crystal jewelry

Personal Insights

The past few weeks has been an  emotional roller coaster. So that means you need to monitor them and keep them in check. I know that thoughts are at times like a wild horse, so be gentle with yourself and simply say “cancel, clear, delete,” if a silly thought pops out that appears to be out of your control, however in truth you have full control, and with meditation, dedication, and positive affirmation we learn to tame these “out of control” thoughts and create a divine reality of abundance and true love.

Treat your significant other how you want to be treated. I believe in fidelity and monogamy on all levels and that is what I am going to experience.  ‪#‎fidelity‬ ‪#‎marriage‬ ‪#‎spirituality‬ ‪#‎true‬ ‪#‎Love‬ ‪#‎twinflame‬ ‪#‎ascension‬ ‪#‎purity‬ ‪#‎emotions‬ ‪#‎thoughts‬ ‪#‎monogamy‬

When I was at Grace Potter’s Concert Aug 13th there was a time in the show where the whole band left the stage and it was only Grace and her husband performing. He was drumming and she was singing and dancing and they were facing each other.

Now is the time where all humanity needs to focus on fidelity and monogamy. That is what majority of women on this planet want and now we are in the Golden age of the Divine Feminine. Now is the time to step it up and respect the divine feminine! That is the way of the world NOW.

Through her music, Grace showed her fans a love for everyone to see. As an advocate for purity, I believe that a relationship should be a pure merging of 2 souls, there need not be external factors.‪#‎Commitment‬ ‪#‎fidelity‬ ‪#‎twinflames‬ ‪#‎communication‬ ‪#‎trust‬ ‪#‎companionship‬ ‪#‎team‬ ‪#‎together‬ ‪#‎Love‬ ‪#‎Light‬ ‪#‎divinity‬ ‪#‎heaven‬ ‪#‎earth‬ ‪#‎women‬ ‪#‎feminine‬ Happy 22nd!

Energy Alchemy Activations

Dove Grace, Activate now! Tiger’s Eye, activate now! Pink Diamonds, activate now!  Lady Venus Self Love Pixie Dust, Activate now! Golden Doors, Activate now! Twin Flame Reunion, activate now! Carnation Truth & Fidelity, activate now! Sapphire Love Pebble, Activate now!  Penguin Loyalty, Activate now! Never ending Passionate Love & Energy, activate now! Eternal Youth & Earthly Longevity, activate now! Heart On, Activate now! Positive Change, activate now! Sapphire Prosperity, Activate Now! Rose Pink Sky, activate now! Sacral Cleanse, Activate now! Sunshine Goldie, Activate now! Sacral Waters, activate now! Lady Venus Threefold Twin Flame, activate now.


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