4th of July Thought


Light shows are beautiful but they must be without the side effect of noise and other pollution. Maybe something with LED lights or another eco friendly technology?

Fireworks may be inconsiderate towards veterans and animals. PTSD can be triggered by loud noises. As for the animals, many dogs and cats are scared of loud noises. Many of us have enough noise in our lives from the sirens of the firetrucks and ambulances, to the chattering of complaints, to tv and radio, and to the silent noise in your e-mail inbox; Therefore I think it is strange to spend a holiday surrounded by a bunch of loud explosions when people should be relaxing. Balanced energy cultivates with quiet rest. Most people however are over stimulating themselves and burning out. Do not keep your body in a constant adrenaline and cortisol mode. Rest, Recover, and Breathe. Bring yourself back to your breath and bring yourself back to nature, natural environment, and natural eating. And also lets be gentle with animals and sensitive people.

Spend more time in nature. Breathe. Relax.



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