4th of July Thought


I think light shows and the light flower formations in the sky are beautiful. I support beautiful light shows in the sky! Let us get plugged in and start using these evolutionary developed and creative brains of ours to create beautiful light in the sky~~*> without the side effect of noise and other pollution. Maybe something with LED lights or another eco friendly technology? You will be amazed by the many awesome inventions that are on the shelf waiting to be released now! This new golden age light technology release is coming to fruition as the current governing and financial system is dissolved.

This 4th of July tradition is a bit strange. People gather, throw some meat on the grill, drink alcohol, and watch noisy explosions in the sky. I think the fireworks may be inconsiderate towards veterans and animals. During psychology studies, I learned that some war veterans experience PTSD (post tramatic stress disorder) after war. This mental/emotional/physical illness can be triggered by loud noises. As for the animals, we all know how some dogs and cats are scared of loud noises. Moreover we should be conscious about how we consume meat, so that we can eat in moderation with respect to life, say no to factory farming! Back to the veterans- it is strange to see that America celebrates Independence and Freedom by replicating the sounds of bombs every year. I also think it is kinda a silly to blow up stuff that creates smoke clouds in the sky and make lots of noise at night. Why do they ignite fireworks when in most places they are illegal? Many of us have enough noise in our lives from the sirens of the firetrucks, cops, and ambulances, to the chattering of complaints, to tv and radio, and to silent noise in your e-mail inbox; Therefore I think it is strange to spend a day off surrounded by a bunch of bangs. It is just not a practical use of time. It is important to have balanced energy where a human spends enough time resting. Most however are doing super active sensory stimulating activities. Sleep is important, but so is rest throughout the day. Do not keep your body in a constant adrenaline and cortisol mode. Rest, Recover, and Breathe!

When driving to the beach that day, we observed that there was no traffic on the streets of Los Angeles. That felt like freedom, smooth cruising. The cool Ocean breeze felt good to inhale. I would suggest spending as much time inside your bodies! The best way to do this is to observe and control your breathing. Bring yourself back to your breath and bring yourself back to nature. Natural environment, natural eating!

And also lets be gentle with animals and sensitive people!

Spend time in nature! Breathe! Relax! Enjoy!


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