What is Your Higher Self?



“Your higher self is a fancy way of referring to the dimensions of who you are beyond your typically constricted everyday experience of who you are.  While you know yourself as a name, a gender, an age, as coming from a certain family, living within a certain society and culture, etc., those attributes are like pieces in a wardrobe or components of an outfit that you are wearing over your soul, but they are not actually who you truly are.

There are layers and aspects of the higher self, but for the purpose of simplicity, the higher self could be understood as your own wisest and most in-tune spiritual identity; the part of you who knows and who loves.  The higher self has also been described as being able to see a wider scope of a situation than what you are capable of being aware of from the exclusively human level” (Article from Earth, We Are One ‘EWAO’).

It is very important that you call on your Higher Self and ask it to move in your physical body here on Earth. The more of us that have our higher selves in the body on planet Earth the faster we will reach world Utopia. With our Higher Selves in our bodies there will be light. Light shines bright and illuminates the importance of universal unconditional love. Love and light frequencies will rule the planet and the darkness will fall away and be transmuted into more light. Our consciousness has sufficiently experienced darkness and it is in our records, there is no need for such contrast on this planet any longer. By calling on our higher selves we not only transform the world, we assist our entire universe and the multiverse.

To hook up with your higher self, you may say, “Beloved Mighty I AM of my Being, come forth you are my true self, come in me, through me, and as me, until there is non of me, and only thee, and all your Christ consciousness victory.”

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