Archangel Michael Prayer

Prayer to Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael, you know my fears and what might hold me back from fully owning my true power. Release me from my fears and give me the courage to be all of who I am and do what I love to do. Show me that it’s possible and help me feel worthy and deserving of receiving everything I need to live my life’s purpose. I am ready now to step into my life’s work where I am fulfilled, joyful, passionate, abundant, and prosperous. And so it is! Amen

Archangel Michael, please put me in a purple shield and send any energy or attachments cords and roots that are not serving my highest good to the light on all dimensions, time frames, space and time. Please fill my crown chakra with healing and powerful white light. Please protect my sacred life purpose and usher those people in my life who bless my mission for my highest good.

Cutting cords:

Tiger’s Eye, activate now

Golden Doors, activate now



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