Lemuria mixed with Primitive Society

10801744_10152514051247688_5550296425090309539_n“The Lemurians vibrated at a frequency of perfection while other human groups on earth were very primitive and animalistic; they were the ones who evolved from apes, Lemurians had the connection to Source that the humans didn’t. Lemurians saw that the cave people were striving to evolve and that they were simple and like children. Lemurian civilization was much more advanced, because of their compassion and desire to serve. The purpose of Sacred Union was to attain a higher state of unity consciousness. It is a celebration of male and female energies coming together in a perfect balance. Twin Flames come together during these lifetimes to work in partnership to anchor the energies for each new phase of human evolution. These Lemurian Lightworkers would study humans and assess their level of intelligence and give information to the degree that they could understand. Twin Flames union are literally able to bring The Divine into the energy field of the whole city. These advanced beings are not here to look down on the humans, they are here to model what everyone on this planet can aspire to attain. ” From Book: Coming Home to Lemuria by Charmian

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