Amethyst Power


1.It has a calming effect and brings peace

2. Stone of spirituality and contentment
3. Brings lightness and lovingness to ones environment
4. Balances the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies and provides a clear connection between the Earth plane and other worlds.
5. It clears the aura of negative energy
6. A stone of meditation
7. It is a “warm and cuddly” as well as a regal and ruling
8. It brings one the energies of serenity and composure while inciting fairness in decisions and enhancement in the ability to manage any and all responsibilities.
9. It clears away unproductive and unkind vibrations
10. Helps with business affairs to prosper
11. Assists in assimilation of new ideas
12. Provides insight into which portion of the actualized self requires remodeling in order to facilitate change toward the ultimate state of perfection.
13. Stone that helps find freedom from any type of addiction
14. Useful in debating, affording the advantage to the holder of the crystal, attained via spiritual insight coupled with intellectual reasoning.
15.Strengthens the skeletal system reinforcing ones posture. Also, good for nervous system, endocrine glands, heart, stomach, skin, and teeth.
16. Helps sleep better and dissolves headaches
17. Used to activate throat, brow, and crown chakra energy centers in the body
*To purchase handmade reiki charged crystal jewelry please contact.

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