Human Luck


Amazing quote from a book I read, words of Sanat Kumara.

“To be born as human is considered to be a luck. Only the human form is the replica of the Divine form. No other form is as complete as the human form. No other form in creation has as much potential as the human form. The Divine can be experienced it its completeness in all its seven planes only in the human form. Even the Devas avail of the opportunity of being born as humans to have tangible physical experience. The Devas are in the subtle planes and therefore miss the physical plane. In human form there is astronomy, astrology, all cosmic, solar and planetary intelligences. In it there are the 4 Kumaras, the 7 seers, the 14 Manus, the 27 Constellations, the 12 sun signs and so on. Human form enables experiencing all the seven planes of awareness. There is no better statement to speak of human form than the biblical statement, “God made man in his own image and likeness.” Incarnating souls take to different forms in each incarnation, and to be born as human is a great opportunity. It gives opportunity to realize God within and all around. This opportunity cannot be thrown away, say the seers. It is a great luck bestowed on the soul when it receives human form in an incarnation.”

Just remember human, although you are super awesome, all other forms like animals and plants are also to be respected and treated with dignity.




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