White Eagle


White Eagle Message: find the soul song and higher vibration of our True divinity.

White Eagle is associated with the American Indian Cultures. He visited the tribes of North and South America, bringing Divine information and healing skills. He is strongly attuned to Mother Earth. Call him in for strength, guidance and to connect with earth.

Be still and know that you and the water are one. If you become peace within yourself, the world surrounding you will reflect peace. When the conflicts no longer have an emotional charge, your mind is no longer active but becomes a field of equanimity it can then be true knowledge, you than become the peaceful grace. All is a thought away. You begin to know it matters not what you have learned, it matters what you have accepted and know and lived and experienced.

As energy is flowing through you and magnified internally, experience bliss as you never have before. 

Accept that you are part of this great soul of the collective many and you are together transmitting consciousness on Earth.

Clear what’s unnecessary and find the Truth within.Go without fear and just be. Simply.”


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