Ascended Master White Eagle

Ascended Master White Eagle is a wise, gentle Ascended Master of the Brotherhood of Light (also known as the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters who are here to guide humanity in its evolution and ascension. His teaching include 12 tribes of Israel are the 12 Angelic Human Tribes. Each one carries a strand of the 12 strands of DNA of the whole or illuminated human, referred to as homo-luminous.


The gentleness of White Eagle came forth reminding us of many keys to awakening, to being in unity. Purity of the heart, of thought, of intention, of word, and of action; innocence, kindness, forgiveness, love and unification are all words that identify qualities or octaves of these activating harmonics. Each octave assists us in releasing all unconsciousness and darkness.

As we activate the harmonics of each strand of DNA, the illusion of separation disappear, and we RE-MEMBER our true essence and light. This is the process we are in now, a RE-MEMBERING who we are.

To consciously engage our remembering is to focus our attention in our hearts. There we will find the soul song, or vibration of our true divinity.

Ascended Master White Eagle is also known as Quezacoatl, is associated with the American Indian Cultures. He visited the tribes of North and South America, bringing Divine information and healing skills. He is strongly attuned to Mother Earth and the four facets of earth, wind, water and fire. Call him in for strength, guidance and your connection with earth. Quetzalcoatl, the Planetary Council Member from Uranus, recounts the history of his planet and their ET interaction with early Central Americans.

He is a great spiritual Teacher a collective energy of highest virtue. He is known and recognized by having the appearance of a red Indian, which is of the past, and He is not promoting shamanism. He is not a member of the Hierarchy, but He is having a niche attached to it. He has developed a nice and popular Ray 2 – like teaching.


He says, “Be still and know that you and the water are one and the water in you is what you breathe and think and feel and become.  The water is your consciousness.  It holds all that you understand.  In the vibration of it you see it and it becomes bright and light.  The blueness of this water is like the universe itself.  It fills your mind and fills your spirit and you just know what there is that brings peace to the mind. 

If you become peace within yourself, the world surrounding you will represent peace.  When the war in you has ended and the conflicts no longer rage, when the battlefield of your mind is no longer active but becomes a field of flowers, a field of growth, a field of knowledge, you than become the peaceful warrior.  You are the peaceful warriors living in states of love and grace.  You are the way showers, the path walkers for bringing this state of consciousness for earth.  You can commune with I, and many others in the spirit plane.  We are a thought away.  We are in the dream away.  We are in the heart of you and you receive us when you listen.  You begin to know it matters not what you have learned, it matters what you have accepted and know and lived by and stand for in freedom of your thought and heart.

As energy is flowing through you and magnified internally to you, experience peace as you never have before.  A peace tranquillizing the confusions of the earth, all that appears in problems, in crises, in conflicts, in opposing forces, visually see a blanket of light surrounding all of this and just know the rays of energy affect human consciousness.  Be the light, a spark, a quark, a tiny atom, one split but billions of these create consciousness.

So, accept that you are part of this great soul of many and you are together transmitting consciousness of love and harmony.  Earth will attain its state of peace, you know?  And humanity will rise to that level also, but it comes with many struggles and forces of oppositions.  But the more your mind sees the healing light within it all, the stronger that energy is a part of the stream of human consciousness.

So, students and path walkers do not lose sight of what the future becomes from the present thought of you right now.  When you are tested or appeared as being tested, remember these words.  The battle may appear so strong that you cannot see clear what must be done, but stand like warriors, brave and strong but with a knowing inside that peace will come.  It’s been a dream for so many and long in coming some say, but like I told the man you must strip yourself of what’s unnecessary and find the happiness within.

Go without fear and just be. Simply, the medicine of life is the medicine of wisdom. Go in peace.”

This information was gathered by googling “Ascended Master White Eagle.” Thank you to all those who channeled this being of light. The post on this blog is my synthesis of what I found to be important from my perspective.

Check out more Ascended Masters.



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