Contemplating Sexuality

The female energy is very intuitive. It is important to move towards feelings that make you feel powerful, confident, humble, kind, loving, and true to yourself. 

Be honest with yourself and what you want, and stay true to that in all situations.

Refine cravings.

Speak your truth in a respectful manner. You can say something like this: “Please respect my boundaries.” 

According to ancient higher wisdom, humans work best in a committed monogamous relationships. 

Listen to your body. Listen to your intuition. Listen to your heart.  When you are true to yourself, you are true to your partner.

Releases any co-dependency. Surround in light all your soul extensions, soul fragments or splintered aspects of your beingness that are in trauma, fear, or any other negative energy, or that you have disowned. 

Avoid toxic foods, toxic thoughts, alcohol and cigarettes, toxic body care products, GMOs, unclean tap water, too much sugar, and birth control.

Find contentment every second. 



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