To Sex or Not to Sex?

Observations indicate that sometimes women tend to become overly enamored with men for whom they have heavy-duty loving and romantic feelings for. When being in close proximity to the male with whom the woman is smitten with, a woman may forget about her divine goddess power. After an interaction, especially a sexual one,  a woman may spend a whole week thinking about the guy and replaying images and situations in her mind. Why you ask? Well it could be a lack of self discipline in thought patterns or it could be that oxytocin. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain as it helps couples establish a greater sense of intimacy and attachment. When women orgasm their hormones change up to 60% and when men orgasm their hormones change up to 30%. So women are twice as likely to become attached to their lovers. Since sex releases a lot of oxytocin into the woman’s body, it may also make her have a lot of patience with the man’s flighty nature and do things according to the beat of his drums, accepting or overlooking his behaviors even if they feel hurtful to her. (That is why it is very important to be selective with whom you choose to have sex with so that you don’t hurt yourself. Men feel hurt too, many of them just bury the pain in the subconscious. So just like women, men should be selective and patient too.) To continue, this oxytocin makes women feel so attached to men after sex that they are willing to continue having sex even when he does not give her what she needs and does not treat her like a gentleman. This is where oxytocin gets a woman in trouble as she forms attachments and sex patterns with a man who does not treat her the way she deserves to be treated. If you had sex with him and it was great, obviously you want it again. Sex is fun and feels good, duh! However, many women tend to fall into a sex routine with men and end up feeling hurt over and over again. It seems like once a woman and man have sex, that same couple develops a pattern of expectations when they reunite. Even if they are not officially committed monogamously to each other. I don’t think it matters if you see the guy every day or once every 4 months, you should not let past experiences dictate sexual expectations in the present moment.

The female energy is very intuitive and magical. In my opinion, women are much more connected to the higher power at the current moment in time. Women tend to have more crystal clear intuitive feelings of how to go forward in any avenue of life, including a sexual relationship. The problem is, many women numb their intuition in order to please a man that they are in love with. This is the wrong way to go about living your life. You should not numb anything, especially your intuitive feelings! Feeling and understanding feelings is why we are here on this planet. Also when you think that having sex is going to make him happy, become closer to you, feel better, and like you more, you may be wrong. Sometimes men behave like animals, they like the hunt. This is old “evolutionary survival” programming. Other times men are like children, they want to me nurtured instead of going to that final base. Men are just as sensitive as women and want to be appreciated for their spirit and character rather than their huge cock. And same goes for women too. It is important to move towards feelings that make you feel powerful, confident, humble, kind, loving, and true to yourself. Here are some tips on how you can stay powerful when you are in close proximity and he is working very hard to take your pants off.

+Be honest with yourself and what you want, and stay true to that in all situations

+Don’t let the sexy turned on bodily sensations get you confused

+Speak your truth in a loving and sensible manner. You can say something like this: “I am in tune with my feelings and I know what is right for me, sex is not right for me in this moment.” “I am reconnecting with my inner child, and I want to feel what it is like to be innocent again.” “My higher self told me to do this.” “I have to obey the higher power.” “Please respect my boundaries.” And if things get really steamy and he is rubbing all up on you with his fine self you can push him kindly and proclaim, “I command you to stop.”

According to the Pleiadians, humans work best in a committed monogamous relationship. I spent a lot of time with the Pleiadians in my past lives, and I know that these awesome beings of light love sex. Their beauty is reminiscent of Greek gods, and Christian angels, who are usually pretty good looking. They also brought dolphins to earth, the only other animal who is believed to have sex for pleasure. Sex is so great and you should have a lot of it, when you are spiritually ready and are in a loving and safe relationship of mutual trust and respect.

For “the harmonious fusion of bodies, minds, souls and spirits to be instantaneous and complete,” a couple must have, “eternal and always growing love for each other, eternal and always growing respect for each other, eternal and always growing admiration for each other, eternal and always growing fidelity for each other, eternal and always growing loyalty for each other and for their common purpose.”

In conclusion, sex is awesome sex is great and sex is also a powerful means of getting information. Sex is an extremely powerful energy exchange, therefore it should not be taken lightly and treated as some routine. Sex should be different every time. It is okay to not have sex every time, even if you are married. Although if you are in a committed relationship you should have sex at least 3 times or more a week, unless otherwise advised by your higher self and your inner child. Sometimes it is nice to just hold your own energy field without having someone all up in it.  Stay in the present moment when you are apart and don’t build jealous fantasies in your mind. Listen to your body. Listen to your intuition. Listen to your heart. The man you love will be so happy you stayed strong and true to yourself. When you are true to yourself, you are true to him. He will respect you more when you are true to yourself. He will love you more when you stand in your power.

“Separate from each other on a horizontal disfunctional, negative psychic cord level, so that we are left with our own sovereign essence and consciousness, not feeding off of one another. This allows us to support each other on wholistic vertical, higher dimensional, levels; on love levels, to follow our own Spirits. It releases any co-dependency energies, in favor of inter-dependence; in favor of co-creation. Surround in rose light all your soul extension’s, soul fragments or splintered aspects of your beingness that are in trauma, fear etc, or that you have disowned because of traumas and past experiences of fear and resistance to love. We now wrap our soul extensions in a Light and Love Cocoon”-ZaKaiRan

P.s. Please don’t confuse the no having sex for spiritual purposes with the lack of desire for sex as a result of depression and low libido because of toxic foods, toxic thoughts, alcohol and cigarettes,  toxic body care products, GMOs,  dirty tap water, too much sugar, and birth control.


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