Pure Moments of Life and Positive Emotions Will Overcome Any Disease

In 2011 I was sitting in my room writing a final research paper for a clinical course I was taking at the University of Chicago. I was surrounded by candy wrappers. Sugar is stimulating therefore I heavily relied on it when working on lengthy masters degree assignments.

That day when I went downstairs to get some more candy,  my mom looked at me and said, “what happened to your face?” When I looked in the mirror I saw that my face broke out hardcore. I didn’t really worry too much about it, as I believed that it was a one-time thing, but I was wrong. Over the next months it got worse. When I went to the dermatologist they tried to prescribe some antibiotics and scary side effect medication. Anastasia says,“All your diseases will come back to you if you do not change your lifestyle, your attitude to things around you and to yourself. Humans can cure themselves of disease without undesirable side effects.”

I was already very clever about not taking prescription drugs, so I requested a blood test to check my hormones. The test results for hormones came out perfectly healthy. I was so confused about what was happening to my skin. It was so difficult for me because it kept getting worse and it was so painful. Finally I found a doctor who told me that certain foods might be triggering the inflammation. I figured that all the junk food, alcohol, and other unhealthy things that I consumed in the earlier years have clogged up my body with toxins.

This is when I began my journey into healing myself naturally. Since 2011 I have invested a lot of my time in researching how to heal skin. This was definitely a blessing in disguise. As a result of this issue I gave up many unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. This health problem has made me catapult into awakening my consciousness. I no longer experience feelings of intense anxiety and depression. I am so happy and joyful. Now in my 20s my skin is glowing, wrinkle free, and a handful of people thought I was 5 to 10 years younger than what my birth certificate states. So I’m like a happy teenager now? Furthermore, my energy levels have improved and I just feel amazing. I feel better now than when I was a varsity track athlete in high school who ate those nasty GMO school lunches.

There are many natural things that I do and have done but here are a few simple things to keep the skin youthful, clear, and glowing:

-A sugar free and carb free diet. Rarely I will eat a green apple, blueberries, or strawberries. FYI: Sugar lowers immunity and ages the cells.

– No processed foods, no alcohol, no chemicals in the body or on the skin.

– Use fresh aloe Vera leaves as moisturizer

– Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub with purple label. I think there are a few preservatives, but it works at removing acne scars.

– Helichrysum Essential Oil (Immortelle). I have not tried this yet, but I heard about its amazing properties of dissolving scars. I just ordered it a few days ago.

– Oil pulling with coconut oil each morning for 20 mins

-Supplement with Chinese herbs like Pearl and Reishi mushrooms.

-20 mins of sun exposure on full body gives you vital Vitamin D3

-Drinking apple cider vinegar with water in the morning. And overall drinking lots of pure water.

-Juicing green vegetables and lemons. Vitamin C is awesome for the skin, internally and externally.

-Eating Raw Butter

– 5 min of mindfulness practice. Sitting in silence and focusing on the breath. Paying attention to the inhale and the exhale. What an amazing thing it is to notice something that is keeping you alive, your breath.


Remember Love is the best medicine! 

Anastasia“Harmful feelings like anger, hatred, irritation, jealousy, envy. These feelings make humans weaker. The physical disease is nothing compared with mental torments. Diseases happen as a result of self-withdrawal from from Nature around him, and as a result of dark feelings which he allows himself to take. Treating the soul is what is important. Diseases are one of the devices or means of communication between Supreme Intelligence (God) and Humans. Throwing into your stomach all sorts of harmful stuff and swallowing painkillers is not going to help.

First one must gain an understanding of the origins of the disease. Humans need help in discerning what the Supreme Intelligence, God, desires to say to him.

Doctors and career scientists know about it. Or at least they feel its beneficial effect. It is difficult to cure their disease, and medicines do not help, while if you treat a patient with love, the disease will go away more quickly.

Sacred-Vow-webThere are several main causes underlying the disease of the human flesh, namely; harmful feelings, emotions, and artificial dietary regime- an unnatural meal schedule and food composition, the lack of short-term and long-term goals, and misapprehension of one’s essence and purpose in life. Positive emotions, a variety of plants and a reappraisal of one’s essence and purpose in life- all these are capable not only of counteracting diseases but also significantly enhancing one’s physical and mental or emotional state. Under the conditions of your world, Humans have lost connection with plants. The Ray of Love, too, is capable of curing many diseases of one’s fellow Man and even prolonging his life by creating around him a Space for Love. Humans can extinguish pain and cure the diseases of the flesh- even the effects of poison.

How can one think good thoughts if one has a toothache or stomachache?

Pure, clear moments of life, positive emotions, like guardian angels, will overcome pain and disease. This happens when people around you treat you with genuine Love. This can be done through reminiscing. Recall something good, something pleasant from your past. With the help of the image feel the soft and pleasing state of mind you experienced back then.” –Anastasia

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