A Word about Love

“All men have searched far and wide in the pursuit of the understanding of this Love. Great poets have uttered verses of unrequited love, disappointment, and all manner of confusion when attempting to understand the true Love of the Heart. The sadness, the joy, the sense of separation, the reunions filled with the fullness of life — all are presented in verse and song that you might place your attention upon the Heart.

Many times you become lost in the search for love, looking hither and yon, beyond the hills, in faraway lands, thinking surely love must be there. You may touch that Love if you will take but a moment to look within your own Heart. But it is only the Heart, teaming with the Fires of God, that answers your striving.


Love Is Only Found within the Heart

One must be patient. One must allow for the natural unfolding of cycles. There is much to learn, many initiations to pass, most assuredly including surrendering the human ego. Absent this surrender, you are left with the dubious record of many lifetimes of vain pursuits toward loves that have failed, disappointed, causing great pain.

When you elect to enter into the pathway of the Light the pure Love you desire will be forthcoming. Then the illumined Heart will understand what it means to say, “No, this is not for me. You do not speak of genuine Love, but of a selfish pursuit. Pass by me.” Likewise, when you encounter true love, and your Christ attunement confirms what you already know in the core of your being, then you may safely give leave for that new love to enter your world. Throughout the Cosmos, these two responses to life’s opportunities must constantly be weighed. The balance scales of your life require that you exhibit greater Christ Discrimination. When this occurs, there will no longer be the temptation to fall sway to the influence of those who pursue you, bringing falsity and ill will.

The Current of the Secret Love Star

Do not be dismayed if others will often times have difficulty accepting that pure Love, for their Hearts have not yet been trained. They do not understand a Love absent the emotional torrent of passion with its ups and downs.  You, Beloved, will be the one to say, “Come, come, allow Love to flow into your Heart,” or “Stay — stay where you are for I must move on. Time must pass and energy must change!” Continue to allow the Heart to unfold as the budding rose, unconditionally giving of the perfumed essence of God Love to all.

No Love Is Never Wasted

When entertaining a personal love, let it be guided by Wisdom and protected by the Will of God. No Love is ever wasted. Wrap the energy that goes forth in the ribbons of Love.  If Love be selfless, if it be pure, it will always remain and expand in the glorious pink band of your Causal Body. It will sustain you in those times when you elect to stand alone in the fullness of your own Love, knowing that nothing can shake those areas of life firmly fixed and grounded.

So you see, Beloved, the foundation of all things begins with Love. Allow the initiations to come. Do not shut down the Heart for fear that it may be hurt. Do not fall into the selfish restraint of the Electrons of your own Light of Love, which must then build and build and build until the dam bursts in crazed ignorance. Learn how to extend that Love unconditionally every day to all of life and you will master God Love. You will become Gods and Goddesses of Love. Your pursuits will be filled with victories for you will know when to enter and when not to enter. You will understand why certain initiations come and what must be attained through the pursuit of those initiations. Do not expect to always understand the workings of Love until such time as you are ascended or have donned the garment of adeptship. For the Heart’s prompting will often times confound the outer mind.

Be sealed with the Light of the Secret Love Star and allow each of its nine points of Light, focusing the consciousness of the Ascended and Cosmic Being who maintains its Fire, to impress upon your consciousness the understanding of the wise use and the development of Love. Each point holds a key to your Victory of Love.”

Copyright © 2004 The Temple of The Presence 5

LLady Master Venus February 15, 2004

Click to access Venus040215.pdf

I AM in Love,



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