Who is Jesus Christ?

“The Christened One was sent as kali yuga systems buster, a member of Family of Light, to bring light aka information, through the portal in the Middle East. The Christened One came as a cluster of consciousness, influencing people in humanity’s dark hour. The story in the bible that you have been told is a dramatized, marketed version- a very controlled version. Part of the Christ drama you have been taught was a holographic insert. Because of the huge vortex in the Middle East, holographic inserts are easier to produce in that area, just like movies are easier to produce in Hollywood, California.”

“Mainstream Christianity is emphasized on sin. Religions are like symbols of other realities. Christianity uses the gameboard- if you travel around the world and look at the various churches you will find those black and white checkers everywhere. But more importantly those black and white checkers could not be built without the core symbol called the cross. The black and white board is a series of crosses that are connected to make a grid and that grid is filled with black and white energy- denoting positive and negative. When a world religion takes a character and they put him (not in his most glorious moment of rising from the dead) but they put him on a cross, crucified, and for thousands of years people wear this symbol on their thymus gland, between their heart chakra and their throat chakra. You ask why is that so important? Because wherever there is a center of a cross, it is a point of power, remember the witches used to always gather at the crossroads. What has mainstream Christianity done? They put a dead man on a point of power. Remember that those who hold the world religions together belong to secret societies.”

-P Image Although the Pleaidians say that the mainstream story of Jesus is a holographic insert, it is still okay to believe in it. After all it is part of an aspect of our consciousness. Jesus simply represents a great example of what an evolved human can be like pure love. Check out an Interview. http://www.angelreadingsbykaren.com/2014/03/24/2014-03-23-interview-with-lord-jesus/ Check out 2 Interviews with Jesus’s twin flame Mary Magdalene: http://www.angelreadingsbykaren.com/2013/12/30/interview-with-ascended-master-lady-mary-magdalene-12-29-13/ http://www.angelreadingsbykaren.com/2014/03/31/2014-03-30-interview-with-ascended-master-lady-mary-magdaline/   eternal Easter may also represent our planet Earth and divine feminine. And Son/Sun of God may represent the divine masculine. Planet Earth + Sun Star Create life. Moreover, Easter is named for a Saxon goddess who was known by the names of Oestre or Eastre, and in Germany by the name of Ostara. Another name in the same family is Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of the morning and evening stars as well as goddess of romance, fertility, and procreation. She is a goddess of the dawn and the spring, and her name derives from words for dawn, the shining light arising from the east. Our words for the “female hormone” estrogen derives from her name. Ostara had a passion for new life. Her presence was felt in the flowering of plants and the birth of babies, both animal and human. Eostar is the goddess of new beginnings, spring, and rebirth. There is also Esther, the Jewish queen whose story of courage is celebrated at the spring festival of Purim. Moreover the Sumerian Goddess Inanna or Ishtar, was hung naked on the stake, and was subsequently resurrected and ascended from the underworld. Pagans celebrated the spring equinox. The symbolic story of the death of the son (sun) on a cross (The constellation of the Southern Cross) and his rebirth, overcoming the powers of darkness.

Many churches offer “Sunrise Services” at Easter- an obvious pagan solar celebration. The date of Easer is not fixed, but instead is governed by the phases of the moon. Bunnies also come from pagan tradition. Bunnies are from a pagan festival of Eostre, a northern Goddess whose symbol was the rabbit or hare. The rabbit, well known for its propensity for rapid reproduction, was her sacred animal. Eggs are an obvious symbol of fertility, and the newborn chicks are a representation of new growth.

Jesus says that it is important to not only Pray to God but also Listen to God. When you focus on your breath and maintain a silent mind you are listening to God. Breathe through the diaphragm.

Diaphragm has 3 main definitions. THREE. Eástre_by_Jacques_Reich

1. a muscle that separates the lungs from the stomach area and that is used in breathing.


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