Sex and It’s True Meaning in the Age of Enlightenment

Below is an excerpt from the Book Teaching of Love By: Thich Nhat Hanh

Image“A sexual relationship may be an act of deep communication between body and spirit. This is a very important encounter, not to be done in a casual manner. In the Imperial City; only the king and his family are permitted to circulate there. There is a place in your soul like that that you do not allow anyone to approach except the one you love and trust the most. The same is true of our body. Our bodies have areas that we do not want anyone to touch or approach unless he or she is the one we respect, trust, and love the most. When we are approached casually or carelessly, with an attitude that is less than tender, we feel insulted in our body and soul.

In sexual relationships, people can get wounded. Acting responsibly prevents ourselves and others from getting hurt. We have to be very careful.

The feeling of loneliness is universal. There is often little communication between ourselves and others, even within family, and our feeling of loneliness pushes us into having sexual relationships. We believe in a naïve way that having a sexual relationship will make us feel less lonely, but it isn’t true. When there is not enough communication with another person on the level of the heart and spirit, a sexual relationship will only widen the gap and destroy both parties.

ImageThe union of two bodies can only be positive when there is understanding and communication on the level of the heart and spirit. Even between husband and wife, if the communication on the level of heart and spirit does not exist, the coming together of the two bodies will only separate them further. It is important to first make a breakthrough in communication.

Sex is used in our society as a means of selling products. As a result we don’t look at the other person as a human being and this is dangerous. When people do not understand each other it is impossible for them to love each other.

By taking good care of our body and consciousness in the present moment, we are taking care of all generations past and future. If we look deeply, we will know what our children and grandchildren expect of us. They want us to live in a way that they won’t be miserable when they manifest.

If you learn to communicate and truly love, the whole cosmos, the whole of humanity, and all beings will profit. If you succeed in loving one person on a deep level you will learn to love everyone and all species on Earth.”

My Thoughts:

Finding and maintaining true and pure love  is what I call Enlightenment, utopia, world peace, heaven on earth, etc.

Please keep in mind that my intention is to not attach any judgement onto anyone who is behaving against my values. We are all on a different path and we learn our lessons in myriad of ways. I am lucky that I have known this truth intuitively all my life and for the majority of it I have lived in accordance with the values described above. I am sharing this with the hope for people to change their ways for the better yet never have regrets or guilt. I hope that those who chose to read this feel loving speech coming out vs. destructive speech. If for any reason you feel upset or irritated, let me say, I’m sorry. However, let me also say, I have a right to speak my opinions.

Keep in mind a MAN wrote this excerpt, therefore I am not going to buy any evolutionary mumbo jumbo argument. Yes, there is programming which we should gain awareness of, but we can no longer use it as an excuse to behave carelessly and mindlessly and lustfully.

Below is a Good Prayer to Help You to Become More Pure:

Goddess of Purity, Beloved Mighty ‘I am’ of my Being, I call upon you now to fill me with your Cosmic Christ Purity, and enfold me now in walls of Violet Flame protection. Make me such a blazing Presence of Light that discord just cannot see me. I call upon you to expand my Light that my Light go forth from me each and every day and open doors of opportunity and help me to fulfill my Higher Purpose.

1383958_10151790186464023_1540058011_nI call upon you to give me the Illumination and comprehension of the Divine Plan for my life on Earth.

Goddess of Purity, I Am an open door for Your Great Cosmic Qualities, Your Great Cosmic Light and Love to come into me and be Life’s Great Correcting Presence.

I Am an open door to your Ascended Master Immortal Cosmic Christ Love of Eternal Purity coming forth into my being and world, restoring everything to Divine Purity and Balance, opening the way that I may go forth in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan of my life on Earth.

Beloved Mighty ‘I Am’ of my Being, I reach up and I reach up to you and I reach up to the Goddess of Purity. O Beloved Goddess of Purity, through my own Beloved Presence, I call upon you to assist me to feel, to experience, the Great Central Sun’s Feeling of Eternal Purity. I call that forth into my mind, into my body, into my feeling side of life.

And I ask that the Great Central Sun’s Feeling of Immortal Purity become a sustained and expanded and Immortal action with me throughout my life on Earth.

1461103_10151817917339023_870781947_nBeloved Goddess of Purity I call upon You and ask You to fill me with your Cosmic Christ Flame of Eternal Purity. Goddess of Purity, I call upon Your Angels, I call upon Those Angels of Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning of Indestructible Purity and Power to descend into my life and release their Cosmic Powers in, through and around me that just love to silence all discord, density; all appearances and all qualities that try to act up in me that are not Love.

Goddess of Purity, I desire to return to a Being of Love at all times. All my thoughts, all my feelings, all my words, all the images that I hold inside me, all my reactions, my responses, all my approaches, my interactions — it is my desire that everything within me and how I interface with the world around me, my loved ones and others, that all be a state of Love.

And that I might do this, Goddess of Purity, anchor within me Your Luminous Pearl of Eternal Love within my mind, and Your blazing Luminous White Fire of Indestructible Purity and Power, and hold it within me and around me, and pour it forth out into my world as a blessing to all life on Earth.

1503387_10202650603723193_1318929954_nGoddess of Purity, take out of my feeling side of life all disbelief and all belief that things must be difficult and hard.

Goddess of Purity, I call upon your Luminous Pearl to be placed within my mind and heart and I allow this gift and Its great Luminous Purifying Presence, to keep me pure of mind and heart.

Goddess of Purity, please give me what you know I require to be Light, to be Pure, so that my own Inner Light, so that my own Great God/Goddess Presence that is my true Spiritual identity, may express through me and fulfill Itself in this World and may the Light of God and the Eternal Flame of Purity be a gift that you offer me this day, to remain with me, as Immortal as I AM.

Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!

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