A Word About Breathing


As I was standing in the shower enjoying the hot water pouring over my body and connecting with the crystalline vibration, I had a realization. At the beginning My mind was quiet and then I took a deep breath and Eureka! The long deep breath, which I have been forgetting to take as a result of extreme stress at work allowed me to realize the importance of deep breathing. As soon as I took a long deep breath I had a burst of energy flow throughout my body. In a snap of a finger I was boosted with vitality. Following this sensation I realized that deep breathing causes  us to become deep thinkers as a result of stress reduction. When we are consumed by stress our mental capacity is limited. However, when we focus on our breath our whole being including our minds become vastly expanded.

In conclusion,  if You want to be a deep human Being and begin to think in profound ways vs. a shallow person with an overactive ego, focus on your breathing and take those deep inhales often! I promise it feels really really swell! Pun kinda intended 😉


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