Like a diamond

Lago Di Garda, Italia

Lago Di Garda, Italia

“I am like a diamond, pure in my intentions. I am like a sword, straight in my actions. I am like a flower, beautiful and radiant. Everyone, through me, can see the Grace of God.”

From the book “365 Mantras for Today”

IMG_8796~You create around you what you create within you.

~Love Yourself and Love Others, have discretion to where to give your energy and from what sources you recieve it, and you too will feel this joy of life.

~I am seeing what a bright light I truly am, through the reactions of other people towards me and through the angelic confirmation signs! I am truly an Aquarius pouring abundant waters and love for all those who are open to receive it. I also ask the angelic realm and all the beings of the light to send love and abundance to me also! I am for sure open and ready to receive the divine gifts! Love and Light Always!

~There is this beautiful woman that I know. I see her at least once a week. She has a PhD is some entertainment or production field. She is promoting chemical free skin care ❤ She has blonde hair and golden glowing skin, and such a kind and gentle face. I am not sure of her age but she is for sure a beautiful and mature woman. Every time she sees me she gets really giddy and says that I am glowing like an angel.

~I created a term: Boomerang Compliment: You compliment someone with no intention as but to speak the truth in a loving way. And then the other individual reciprocates with a compliment to your surprise and amazement. For Example: I told a girl at work that she has a very beautiful and calming energy, and she said, “It takes such an energy to recognize this as well.” Or I told a super sweet guy at work, “you have such a great smile, I am so happy when I see it :)” And he said, “I am happy when I see you!.” Awwwww.

~I just realized I have been drinking water called Castle Rock from Mt. Shasta, California AKA Earth’s root chakra. I wonder what this is creating in my consciousness.

~Little things make me REALLY HAPPY. When I saw a little finch looking bird with a yellow belly, happy! When I see a little hummingbird feasting on a red and yellow flower with its fuzzy little belly, happy! When I see little rainbows inside my crystals, happy! When I see a rainbow in my Dr.Bronner’s body wash bottle, happy! When I see a little rainbow reflecting from my water bottle, happy!

ImageThings people tell me:

“I can tell you are healthy because of your eyes. Your eyes are clear, sparkling, and white.” 33.12

“You must eat healthy. You look like you are glowing.”

“I really believe that you have good energy. I was not feeling good and then I came up close to you and I felt better right away!”

“Your eyes have so much wisdom.”

“It is incredible how wise you are for your age. I am an old man I am learning so much from you.”

“You should me a spokesperson for something, you are always so happy.”

“You look Effervescent.”

“You are pure.”

“Green Juice is good for you and maintaining your pure astonishing beauty.”

“Have a great new years you wonderfully fascinating person you.”

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