Like a diamond

Lago Di Garda, Italia

Lago Di Garda, Italia

“I am like a diamond, pure in my intentions. I am like a sword, straight in my actions. I am like a flower, beautiful and radiant. Everyone, through me, can see the Grace of God.” From the book “365 Mantras for Today”

~You create around you what you create within you. Love Yourself and Love Others, have discretion to where to give your energy and from what sources you recieve it, and you too will feel this equanimity in life. I am seeing what a bright light I Truly AM.


” Your eyes are clear, sparkling, and white.”

“You look Effervescent.”

“You are pure.”

“Green Juice is good for you and maintaining your pure astonishing beauty.”

“Have a great new years you wonderfully fascinating person you.”


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