Lyrics to Warrior



You’re the son of his majesty
Remember how it used to be
Separated from the king
Now it’s nighttime
You had to leave
In the light of day it’s easy to see
Trying to make you forget we got a job to do
You’re a priest and a prince and you can’t be moved You’re a warrior, Fighting for your soul
Taken from a world above, and brought down to a world below
Descended to the pit
What’s this feeling can’t get rid of it When one retires at night weeping, joy will come in the morning
You made my mountain stand strong
Like and ancient memory
Remember how it used to be
Close your eyes and breath in
That’s the scent of freedom
Ringing across the sea
Land of milk and honey
One day will wake up from this dream and we’ll stop sleeping,
Oh, yo, then we’ll see clearly 
Some of them looking for fun
Some of them looking for away out of confusion
Some of them trust their instincts
Some don’t fit society
Their insides are crying low
Some of them teachers squashed the flame
before it had a chance to grow
Young man control in your hand
Slam your fist on the table
And make your demand
Take a stand
Fan a fire for the flame of the youth
Got the freedom to choose
You better make the right move Focus your energy
Into a laser beam
“What I’m Fighting For”
What I’m fighting for
Is worth far more than silver and gold
Don’t be tricked by the acts of man
Gods wisdom revealed in a holy plan
A chance to unite the past

When a brothers coming home at last
Fighting together for lives

To Zion we roll and we’re not all alone
Unite and you will find

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