The Concept of Power

178952_3663355954539_315364179_nWhen a hardship comes don’t tweak out, stay focused, stay determined, breath into your heart, activate your chakras, eat healthy food, meditate, listen to beautiful music, detox, stay away from sugar, stay calm and carry on.

For example, some people experience management that is not properly trained. Many times managers do not know how to control their emotions in professional settings and treat those who are “under” them in an aggressive manner making employees believe that they are disposable. Many times they try to motivate by telling employees that they “will get fired” if they forget to do something or do not learn something. Often times employees are doing their work as a result of fear and not as a result of commitment to the organization.

According to Doreen Virtue “there is confusion between powers vs. aggression. There is also history of some people abusing their power and using it for self-means rather than selfless means. There many be a reluctance of assuming power because of misunderstanding it. Lets acknowledge that power is natural in this earthly environment. Power is not aggression. Aggression is actually fear, which is the opposite of power. Think of a waterfall, a storm, and a herd of galloping horses. Now you understand that power is natural, and you have this power within you. If you have not experienced it you may have been around people who are powerful and have been controlling you. Part of your spiritual growth is knowing you have this power too and standing up to people who seem to be more powerful than you. You will gain a sense of triumph when you stand up for your personal truths. Fortunately, there are angels to help with the endeavor; they are the Archangel Michael (angel of courage, strength, and protection) and Archangel Gabriel (angel of messages who helps us to speak our truths without apologizing, without gilt, and without fear.)”

Peter Drucker’s concepts on management and power are interesting. He wrote:

  1. The Effective Executive
  2. Post-Capitalist Society
  3. Good to Great: WHy some Companies Make the Leap, And Others Don’t
  4. Managing in the Next Society

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